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The port of Porto do Son is located at the bottom of the Ría de Muros y Noia. It is an eminently fishing port, highly active. The city council of Porto do Son has a privileged situation in terms of terrestrial communications, since it is 45 kilometers from Santiago de Compostela, and from the maritime point of view, because it forms the division between the Rías Altas and the Baixas. Agriculture, fishing and tourism are the main sources of income.

You can climb to the summit of Mount Enxa to see the entire estuary. The lagoons of Xuño, the medieval bridge of the same name and the castro of Baroña are of interest. The only pazo that is conserved is that of Nebra. Porto do Son is a tourist and summer resort; its beaches, placid and rugged at the same time, are suitable for surfing.

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