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Located at the entrance to the port of Lorient, the Kernevel point is a strategic site of the 18th century. Puisqu 'defends Lorient and its prestigious Company of the Indies.
This site has been invested since the nineteenth century by the canning industry where the banker Lorient, Auguste Ouizille, will ensure that it is the first port of Kernevel. The construction of a winery and dock landed the fishery products and sent passengers to Lorient and Port Louis. The Ouizille family particularly marked the district of Kernevel, since this name is also connected to the three villas that face the port and are called "Château des Sardines".
During World War II, the Germans commandeered the three villas and converted this point of Larmor-Plage into an entrenched camp from which Admiral Dönitz led the Battle of the Atlantic.
Created in 1988, the new Kernével marina saw the most important sailing names such as Jean-Luc Van Den Heede, Alain Gautier, Herve Laurent, Olivier de Kersauson or Eric Tabarly moored on their pontoons. A true symbol of the increase of pleasure in the Pays de Lorient, the port of Kernével has developed over the years to ensure a quality welcome to its sailors.


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