Marina Di Le Havre Plaisance 

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Le Havre Plaisance is also known as Port le Havre Plaisance and it is situated in the city Le Havre that prides itself with unique buildings and a well-developed tourism. It is located in northern France, in the department of Seine-Maritime, in Upper Normandy. This marina specializes in tourism and recreational activities, offering the opportunity of practising nautical activities in the waters of the English Channel. There is a wide variety of services that can be accessed by boat owners and travellers can enjoy an unforgettable vacation on these lands, where the history, culture and beauty prime. The Musee des Beaux Arts Andre Malraux, the Maison Temoin Perret, the Musee Maison de l’Armateur, the Suspended Gardens, the Notre-Dame Cathedrale or the Amphitheatre of Lillebone are some of the most popular attractions and the landmarks of this town. There are plenty of friendly and charming hotels that can host tourists during their stay, like the Best Western Art Hotel

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