Vasto - Punta Penna 

General Data


Dock Services


Situated about 3.5 miles north of Vasto, the port of Punta Penna extends over a total surface of 1000 linear metres, with 5 quays on a 90-thousand-square-metre basin. It is a trading port with two main docks:

  • the eastern dock, from which starts the so-called Martello dock
  • the western one, which includes a pennant

The inner part of the port has a depth ranging from 4.50 to 6 m and it can receive boats up top 18 m.

 Recreational and fishing boats can't moor:

- less than 50 metres from the other moored vessels

- at the western quay in the presence of tanker vessels

- at inner breakwaters

Before entering the port, please contact the Maritime Bureau of Vasto by phone or on channel 16. Please pay attention to the insidious undertow generated by strong north-eastern winds.

The Yachting Club of Vasto has recently acquired two piers ( 60 and 40 metres long) and a 220-metre-long quay.