Le Marinelle- San Salvo 

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Situated in the municipality of Vasto San Salvo, between Gargano and Pescara, Le Marinelle is a marina which enjoys a strategic position on the border with Molise, near the port of Vasto and at the southernmost edge of the province of Chieti. Raising on the shore of a well-sheltered channel, it offers a safe shelter from both winds and coastal storms.

The marina consists of a main dock and 4 inner piers. Near the quay, depth varies from 2 to 2.5 metres. In 2010, the structure was enlarged and now it offers 250 berths for recreational boats ranging from 7 up to 20 metres and with a maximum draught of 3.50 m.

The recent enlargement works have not only allowed the creation of an efficient and comfortable marina but also an important recovery operation of the aerea, now better integrated with both the surrounding landscape and the urban context.

The project has, in fact, recovered the area around the outer harbour and the pine forest and it has included the realization of a longer well-equipped promenade, together with the construction of new parking lots, buidings and the installation of new alternative energy production systems. The result is that the port is now part of the prestigious Association of the Adriatic marinas.

The current structure is a reference point for both boating and marine activities thanks to a series of promotional initiatives and the organization of specific courses by some local sailing and diving schools.

Moreover, since 2009, the port often hosts some special events, races and festivals, such as the famous "Amici della Traversata" race.

Le Marinelle represents an excellent marina for all yachtsmen seeking for a pleasant and complete stay during their cruise in the Adriatic Sea 

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