Azimut Yachts Azimut Magellano 50

Azimut Yachts Azimut Magellano 50

Motor Boat

  • Shipbuilder:
    Azimut Yachts
  • Model:
    Azimut Magellano 50
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Boat Description

Magellano 50 is one of the first “New Classic” boats provided with wide windows in the lower deck and an outer forward dining room. It offers also a great lower deck  layout selection in order to satisfy every ship owner’s demands.  

Above all it is the first boat provided with new “Easy Hybrid” system realized by R&D Azimut-Benetti department. Hybrid propulsion provides many benefits such as noises decrease up to 80%, bigger navigation comfort and an important reduction of consumptions also during short voyages. Two electric engines, in addition to traditional ones, make this possible; they are charged on the quay and kept by two specific on-board generators. These engines are in operation when traditional ones are turned off allowing to reach a full speed of 8 knots. So, when the pilot decides to increase speed, this system will shifte automatically and easily from one propulsion to another without interrupting navigation.

Further remarkable features are its high environmental compatibility, included among principal priorities of ship yard for long years, and the half-dislocated and pronounced V-shaped “Dual Mode” hull which enables to reduce vertical acceleration ensuring a more comfortable navigation with a stability of course and an excellent maneuverability.

The main deck is marked out for wideness and safety of passages and warping areas, while the beach area is allowed to haul the tender thanks to an half-garage underneath the cockpit. The dash-board is extremely functional and technological thanks to boat handling joystick, gyroscopic Skyscreeper stability system and a touch screen for on-board monitoring.

The lower deck is also amazing thanks to the unusual possibility for a little dimension boat to choose the layout, available in four different versions. The ship owner’s cabin is in the boat center, while the Vip cabin is in the bow. You can select between a study and a guest cabin or between a study and a further dining room or between a dining room and a guest cabin or between a study and an utility room provided with washing machine, dryer and a further stowage area. Both wide windows and windshield give great brightness to each space.

Inner furniture draws on the nautical tradition with a contemporary adjustment.

Magellano 50 is equipped with two 425 HP V-Drive engines and it can reach a full speed of 22 knots and a cruising speed of 19 knots with an autonomy of 1.000 miles.

Boat Technical Data

General Data

  • Overall length:
    14.98 m
  • Waterline length:
  • Maximum beam:
    4.8 m
  • Draught:
  • Displacement
    20000 kg
  • Ballast:
  • Straightening:
  • Construction materials:

Sail Details

  • Sail area:
  • Equipments:
  • Mainsail:
  • Spinnaker:
  • Genoa
  • I:
  • J:
  • P:
  • E


  • Engines:
    2 x 425 mHP V-Drive (opt vers Ibrida con 2 x 20kw)
  • Hp:
  • Transmission
  • Fuel tank:
    3 lt


  • Interior materials:
  • Cabins
  • Berths:
  • Fuel tank:
    3 lt
  • Boat capacity:
  • Wc:
  • Water tank
    700 lt