Azimut Yachts Azimut Flybridge 50

Azimut Yachts Azimut Flybridge 50

Motor Boat

Boat Description

Azimut 50 is marked by spacious areas both outside and inside. The flybridge is its distinctive element: it’s the biggest in all the category and it can be furnished in according to ship owner demands; inside it you can overshadow the bow fitting an awning, while the stern can also be furnished as you want. Besides, the spaciousness is the element that characterize the ship owner cabin, the bow, the cockpit and the hydraulic dash-board where a tender can be housed inside it. 

One of the features of Azimut 50 is its realization by a specific technique with a lower quantity of artificial resin in order to produce positive consequences on the quality and lightness of the boat.

Inside, the comfort is in no way inferior to big boats by the possibility to adapt spaces choosing the most appropriate arrangements in order to guarantee the best comfort. Specifically, in the lower deck there are three double cabins. In the bow there is the ship owner cabin with large glass windows and a private access to the toilette, while in the stern, inside the guest cabin, there are two single beds that can be transformed in a double bed and another one can be added; finally the kitchen is very bright and equipped by an oven. In the bow there is another guest cabin characterized by two opening port-holes, a toilette shared with starboard guest cabin and two overlapping beds. Nevertheless, when required, it can be also transformed in a spacious stock compartment. In the bow sitting room there are two places: one where you can sunbathe and another when you can relax. The latter, by the presence of a sofa, became extremely comfortable and able to host 6 people.

The interior is handled by Carlo Galeazzi, the designer who always looks after of it, and it can be adapted as you want, so you can decide to substitute the moquette by a wood floor.

Tha Azimut 50 engines are Vovo Penta D11 (670 HP) that guarantee a full speed of 32,4 knots and a cruising speed of 26 to 28 knots, with an autonomy of beyond 300 miles.

Boat Technical Data

General Data

  • Overall length:
    15.88 m
  • Waterline length:
    15.54 m
  • Maximum beam:
    4.66 m
  • Draught:
    1.52 m
  • Displacement
    24850 kg
  • Ballast:
  • Straightening:
  • Construction materials:

Sail Details

  • Sail area:
  • Equipments:
  • Mainsail:
  • Spinnaker:
  • Genoa
  • I:
  • J:
  • P:
  • E


  • Engines:
    2 x 670 mHP (493 kW) Volvo D11
  • Hp:
  • Transmission
  • Fuel tank:
    2.2 lt


  • Interior materials:
  • Cabins
  • Berths:
  • Fuel tank:
    2.2 lt
  • Boat capacity:
  • Wc:
  • Water tank
    590 lt