Le Saline Beach 

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The Saline Beach, whose original name is "Las Salinas" or "Ses Salines", is one of the most fashionable and famous beaches of the whole island, a place where the party and nightlife continue even in daylight. Definitely, the peculiarity of this place (with the exception of the wonderful crystal clear waters) is just entertainment, guaranteed by the numerous beachfront venues, which keep the music at a high volume 24 hours a day.

The beach is also famous for another very characteristic ritual of ibizenca movida: every afternoon icons boys and girls, representing the various nightclubs of the island, go to the beach to sell evening tickets and advertise.

Certainly, a unique place in the world, preferred destination also by wealthy and famous people, just because the service offered is sometimes very expensive, but certainly exclusive and unique in its kind. With a constant coming and going of people it is perhaps, one of the most crowded coves of the island, both for bathers and boaters.  Therefore, in order  to be able to grab a seat, it is strongly recommended to arrive early in the morning.

Las Salinas, however, is not characterized only by the worldly life. This place is magnificent from the naturalistic point of view. It is a long white sandy strip of about a kilometer and a half, lapped by crystal clear waters and surprisingly clean. The whole area of the cove actually, together with the island of Formentera, is part of a protected natural park, the Natural Park of Saline.

In the background, you can see a nature reserve, covered by pine trees and coniferous, and spectacular dunes of white sand. Las Salinas is also unique in its kind thanks to the proximity to the salt  flats of the island of Formentera, which make the saltwater more salty than normal in this area, a peculiarity that allows you to stay afloat much more easily.

The beach offers the opportunity to practice more traditional activities: on particularly windy days, it is perfect for windsurfing, SUP and body surfing. Alternatively, you can rent small catamarans or small boats to explore the coves nearby, equally spectacular, or devote diving and snorkeling. In addition to the beach, you can go walks in the pine forest, immersed in nature, or walk to the old Roman observation tower, which was used to prevent pirate raids.

The seabed offers ideal conditions for anchorage, still remaining at a regular distance from the beach. In fact, the backdrop has a very gentle inclination, allowing the bathers to walk for tens of meters while still touching. For this, sailors are cautious in anchoring maneuvers, and they stay on the western end of the bay, where the backdrop is deeper. From the far end, you can see the islands of Formentera and Es Freud.

The beach of Las Salinas owes its name to a place that is not easy to see from the bay because is located in its immediate vicinity: continuing for a hundred meters on the road you will discover the only railroads existing on the island, an ancient memory of the passage of freight trains to the salt pier.