The Saona Bay 

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The Cala Saona is located along the central part of the western coast of the island of Formentera, between Punta Rasa and Calo d'en Trull.

 It is part of the Natural Area of Especial Interès de Cap Alt. The bay is located about 5 kilometers from the center of San Francesc Xavier.

The depths of the cove bottom lowers very gently: at about forty meters from the coast, the depth is only two meters and gradually increases to reach 4-5 meters, about 200 meters from the coast. This is the ideal area for founding, on a sandy backdrop and a good anchoring.

Beautiful backdrops and crystal clear waters also attract many scuba diving lovers here.

The bay is not particularly windy; it is especially interested by the winds of the west and north-west.

When entering the bay, from the Punta Rasa side, particular attention must be paid to some submerged rocks outcropping from the water.

Along the eastern side of Saona Bay lies a fine, clear sandy beach that is flanked by two high cliffs, while in the back is closed by some dunes, with beautiful pines vegetation surrounding it.

During the summer season, there is a bathing establishment where sun loungers and parasols can be rented.

The beach is in a quiet location, in a semi-urban setting, but is easily accessible by public transport, by bike or by car. There is free parking in the surrounding area. These features make it a very popular destination, especially by locals. In the summer season, the area is equipped with a turret surveillance service.

Nearby the beach, you can find some hotels, clubs, restaurants and business activities.

Not far from Cala Saona there is a restaurant bar and without having to get away from the beach, you can also find a hotel and a mini market.

The port of La Savina is about one kilometer from the bay.