Cala Llonga Bay 

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The Cala Llonga bay is located along the south-eastern coast of Ibiza, near Santa Eularia des Riu.

The bay is wide and has a jagged coast with many small creeks. It has an U shape and penetrates inside the mainland for about 700 meters. It is located in an urbanized area. It is surrounded by high and steep cliffs where small urban buildings alternates with vegetation spots.

The bottom is sandy, with seaweeds.

The form of the bay and its naturally shielding shape protects the coastline well, making the waters calm and the winds less aggressive and making it a great area for scuba diving, snorkeling and anchoring.

The winds that affect the bay are those coming from the east and south. The best place to stay in the Cala Llonga waters is in the area that goes from the bay entrance to its central area. The depths of the seabed vary from the 16 meters of the entrance to the 5/10 meters of the central part.

The beaches of Cala Llonga are located in the inner part of the creek. It is large and long and is made up of fine and clear sand. The beach can be easily reached by land, leaving the car at the nearby free of charge parking area. It can be reached also by public transport (the bus stop is about 50 meters away from the beach). Here the customers will find the beach kiosks where to rent beach equipment (chairs, umbrellas), and use showers and toilets. Access ramps make the beach accessible to people with motor disabilities.

The calm waters, in-house facilities and ease of access make the Cala Llonga beach a very crowdy place during the summer season.

In the vicinity of Cala Llonga you can find restaurants, bars, a pharmacy and a supermarket.

Santa Eularia des Riu is located about 5 kilometers away from Cala Llonga.

 The surroundings of this bay you can see other famous caves, such as Cala Blanca and Cala Pi.