The Fontanelles Bay 

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The Cala Fontanelles is a small U-shaped bay, located along the northwest coast of the island of Menorca. In its northwestern part it is closed by the promontory of Punta Blanca, while in its southern part is bordered by the Punta Denmig. The islet of Escul de Ses Vinyoles is located right in front of the bay. It is therefore easy to recognize the bay for those who comes from the sea with their own boat.

The creek is part along with other coves, of a larger bay, which is extended from the Point of Fra Bernat and Punta Rotja. The backdrop of the cove have a slow slope and are composed predominantly of pebbles and sand. The depths are good, not very deep, and allow a secure anchoring.

The winds that blow on the area are those of the north, north-east and north-west, but the natural shape of the bay provides a good general protection from currents and calm waters. These features make the bay a popular destination not only by sailors, but also for excellent scuba diving and snorkeling.

The other bays in the neighborhood are Cala S'Escala (the closest to those coming from the west) and Cala d'Algariens, the most eastern of the creek.

At the internal end of the bay, there is a sandy beach and pebbles and alongside, a space for the disposal of small fishing boats. Low rocky walls and vegetation surround the beach (like the whole bay).

Cala Fontanelles is placed in a very little urbanized area and its beach does not offer any kind of service. You can reach the bay from Cala d'Algariens and walk along the coastal path. His being "wild" and the lack of services make it a place not very crowded, even during the high season.

Cala Fontanelles is situated about 11 km from Ciutadella and is part of an area of special natural interest, protected by the government of the Balearic Islands and the European Union.