En Baster Bay 

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The En Baster Bay (also known as Cala Santa Galdana) is located along the north coast of the island of Formentera and is enclosed between Platja de Tramuntana and Rancò de Cans.

It is a small U-shaped cove, surrounded by tall cliffs, steep and free of vegetation. It is part of a larger bay, that of Tramuntana, a larger bay that concerns the north-eastern coast of Formentera, from Punta Sa Creu to the tip of Cova de s'Aigua, including many other famous bays such as the Calo de Sant Agustì.

The backdrops are good tenants, composed of sand and rock. The best area to anchor is 150 meters from the shore, on a sea bottom depth ranging from five to seven meters. At the entrance of the bay, the depth of the seabed is about 10 meters, but it is good to pay attention because the slope begins to climb up abruptly.

It is also of main importance  to pay attention to the lateral areas of the bay, near the cliffs, where submerged rocks suddenly reduce the draft. The en Baster Bay is exposed to the northern winds (north, northwest, and northeast).

The beach of Cala en Baster lies in the inner part of the bay on its left side. It is a very narrow stretch of beach, composed of rocks and where the presence of sand is extremely limited.

Although it can be reached on foot from the center of Sant Ferrand de Ses Roques, the presence of visitors here is always very limited, even during high season, due to the small size of the beach and the almost total absence of sand. Those who decide to get here by car can park in one of the parking areas above the bay.

Some wooden walkways lead from the water to the shore, beside the small caves dug into the rock of the cliffs. In the vicinity of Cala en Baster there are no commercial activities, no toilet facilities or refreshments.

To find hotels, bars, restaurants and some shops, you have to go to Sant Ferrand de Ses Roques, about two kilometers away.