The Codolar Bay 

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Cala Codolar is a bay located along the southern coast of Ibiza, in the municipality of Sant Josep de sa Talaia.

It is a small cave and is considered one of the most beautiful bays on the southwest coast of the Balearic Islands. It is oriented to the southwest and is part of the coast for a length of about 250 meters. It is surrounded by rocky steep slopes, which, on the right side, have a small urban agglomeration and on the left there is a pine forest that goes down to the sea.

The backdrops are made of sand and algae and are good for anchoring. Their depth ranges from 11 meters at the entrance of the bay to 6 meters in the center of the cave, and 3 meters deep at about 100 meters from the beach. These details make the Bay a suitable place for boaters to anchor. The winds affecting the bay are western, northwest and southwestern, and the anchor near the beach usually provides good anchoring.

The beach of Cala Codolar has fine and clear sand and lies in the central-east part of the creek. It has a very slow slope (almost 40 meters from the shore, the depth of water does not exceed one and a half meters). The access to the beach  is via a footpath. On site, you can rent various equipment (sun loungers, umbrellas) and find a small quilt (only in high season months).

The beach is also easily reachable by land. You can decide to arrive by car - then leave the car at a nearby free car parking - or by bus (the stop is about 100 meters from the footpath).

Not far from Cala Codolar is Cala Llentia, jagged and harder to reach by land.

Cala Codolar is located about seven kilometers from the center of Sant Josep de Sa Talaia, in the south of Evissa.

The area is famous for the testimonies of the Punic, Roman and Phoenician civilizations that inhabited it and for the medieval churches.