The Caragol Bay 

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The Caragol bay is located in the south end of the coast of Majorca, not far from Ses Salines. It is encircled between Punta Negra to the south and Illot d'en Curt in the northern part.

The backdrops of the cove degrade very gently the  depth. Up to about 150 meters from the shore, the coast is low and the seabed maintain a depth included between half a meter and two meters. The best area to drop anchor has a depth of 5 meters, on a sandy bottom dotted with a few scattered rock. In the northern side of the bay, there is the presence of islet en Curt with other outcropping rock formations, while the bay is often swept by winds from the south, south-eastern and south-western. These conditions imply the boaters who intend to lay their foundations here, to be watchful in the case of strong winds, keeping a distance about half a mile from the coast.

The closest port to Caragol Bay is the Sant Jordi Port Cologne, located about four miles away.

Along the central and inner part of Cala Caragol, there is a beach called Es Caragol. It is a fine white sandy beach, surrounded by pine forests and closed by some dunes, which stretch behind him for a radius of nearly a kilometer. The pinewood and an old bunker placed in the middle of the bay, make the bay easy to identify by boaters arriving by seaside.

The beach of Es Caragol is located in a very little urbanized area. This gives it a striking and "wild" appearance. It is anyway very difficult to enter for people arriving from mainland.  For sailors the bay can be reached from the nearby lighthouse of Ses Salines, climbing along the coast of about 1.5 kilometers.

The low attendance of the beach and its tranquility make it a destination popular with naturists.

In the immediate vicinity of Cala Caragol there are no shops, restaurants, hotels, or business activities.

Not far from here, there is another famous and picturesque bay on the southern coast Majorcan:  Cala Enturgores