Benirràs Kreek 

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The  Benirràs Kreek  (also known as Port de Benirràs) is located along the north-eastern coast of the Ibiza Island. It is protected in its southern part by Cap Blanc and in the northern part of Cap Roig.

The bay has a slightly U-shape and is located about seven kilometers from the center of Sant Miquel de Balansat. In the back, it has the high ground of Puig des Guixa. The anchorage conditions within the bay are good, especially in summer, when the winds coming from the east are not very strong. However, in the presence of strong northern and north-eastern winds, staying at the bottom of this bay can be really unsafe.

The backdrops are made up of sand and algae and have a decent hold. You can anchor in the middle of the bay, at a depth that ranges from six to twelve meters but, approaching the shore, it is momentous to pay attention of some scattered rocks that reduce the depth of the seabed. Beautiful backdrops and crystal clear waters also attract here many underwater diving lovers.

The cave is located in a little urbanized area and is surrounded by rocky high ground and thick pine forests. In the inner part of the bay Benirràs, there is a fine light slope sandy beach. It is about 130 meters long and is also accessible to people with motor disabilities.

In the summer season, the patron services the shore and beach lovers can find showers and have the opportunity to rent beach equipment, such as beach umbrellas and deck chairs. Near the shore, there are some wooden cabins for the storage of small fishing boats.

Near by the bay you can find some restaurants and some hotels.

In the area of Cala Benirràs there are other suggestive bays, such as Cala d'en Ferrer and Calo de S'Illa.