Porto Xifonio  

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Situated in the town of Augusta, in the province of Siracuse, Porto Xifonio raises in a natural cove between the southern part of the city and Punta S.Elia and between Punta Izzo and Punta Carcarella.

Characterized by sandy-and-muddy low sea bottoms, the port is open 24 hours a day an can host 70 boats up to 140 metres in length.

More specifically, the port consists of two 70-metre wooden jetties and a well-equipped filling station.

The areas reserved for yachting inside the Port Xifonio are three:

  • Club Nautico Augusta (Augusta Yacht Club) (37°14',44 N;15°14',06 E): it's a private club and sports association. The seabed is formed by sand and poseidonia meadows. It can host 200 boats up to 3.40 metres in length. Two red buoys mark the entrance of the marina and an area with dangerous rocky shoals.

  • Al pontile da Giacomo (37°14',38 N;15°13',49 E): characterized by sandy-and-rocky sea bottoms, it consists of some wooden jetties that can host 100 boats up to 12 metres in length and with a maximum draft of 1 metre. Because of rocky shoals located just in front of the jetty, it is highly recommended to stay on the western side. Furthermore, in case of strong sirocco and south winds, yachtsmen are adviced to drop the anchor over sea bottoms of at least 5 metres.

  • Molo Marina (37°14',50 N; 15°13',68 E): it consists of a few wooden jetties. The seabed is formed by rocks and poesidonia. It can host 150 boats up to 7 metres in length. Because of some rocky shoals located in front of the jetty, yachtsmen are highly recommended to keep on the starboard side.

A well-equipped Q8 filling station is available at Via Lungomare Rossini.

We remember that the port of Augusta (37° 11',72 N; 15° 14',07 E), which the port of Xifonio belongs to, is not only a commercial, industrial and tourist port but also an important Italian Navy Base.