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Portinenti Bay stretches opposite the namesake beach on Lipari Island, within the Aeolian Archipelago in Sicily.

Nestled in a wonderful cove just a little south of Marina Corta, Portinenti raises in the bay of Porto delle Genti.

Thanks to its geographical position, the bay offers a good shelter from all winds in addition to an equipped multi-buoy mooring terminal just 50 metres from the beach, with mooring and technical assistance, 24h/24 video surveillance and watchmen.

Furthermore, the port offers a sea taxi service from and to the beach. In addition to the multi-buoy mooring berth, yachtsmen can stay in the anchorage situated opposite the beach or reach one among the numerous bays and coves around Lipari.

Cala Portinenti is maybe the most beautiful bay of the island, surrounded by the equally beautiful beach of Vinci, the rocks of Pietralunga and Pietra Menalda, generally known as the "stacks of Lipari". The latter are two magma tower-shaped rocks that has been shaped by both wind and sea over the centuries and now inhabitated by numerous vegetal species and seagulls.

The whole area is a wonderful place where to enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving precisely thanks to the breath-taking beauty of the seabed.

More specifically, around Pietra Menalda, seabed is 40 metres deep and it is possibile to admire any type of animal, including octopuses and moray eels.

Other interesting zones where to enjoy diving are located in the opposite side of the island: the Rock of Monks, the Wall of Seagulls and Punta Castagna, all opposite Acquacalda.

In the western part of Lipari Island, the Shoal Bay is maybe the most beautiful place where to enjoy diving.