Marina Lunga Bay 

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Dock Services


The bay of Marina Lunga is situated just a little far from the central village of Lipari Island and stretches north of the port of Sottomonastero: more precisely, it includes the entire stretch of coast from this port to the harbour of Pignataro.

The anchorage offers 5 jetties managed by different societies. More specifically, in the southern part, two floating piers are run by "La Buona Fonda" and "Yacht Harbour Lipari" societies respectively while the jetty with the central power and the Agip station northermost is managed by Eolian Bunker.

La Buona Fonda is a floating pier situated right of the hydrofoil port. The pier is 60 metres long and can host up to 50 boats. The area is under 24h/24 surveillance service and every berth is equipped with water and electric charging columns. Moreover, the facility offers mooring assistance, boat rental and berth monitoring 5 times a day.

For further information, please visit the offical website or send an e-mail to:

As already said, Yacht Harbour Lipari manages the second floating jetty. It is 90 metres long and offers 50 berths for boats up to 60 metres in length. The seabed ranges from 2 up to 15 metres. Yachting services include water and electricity supply, Wi-FI, wachtmen 24 hours a day and daily weather forecast reports, in addition to laundry service, rental ribs, scooters and cars and on-board catering.

For further information, please visit the offical website or send an e-mail to:

Finally, north of the jetty managed by Yacht Harbour Lipari, there are a filling station, a boat storage area, garages for mechanical and electrical repairs, a large parking, pay phones, many restaurants and bars.