Cala Rotonda (round Cove) 

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Cala Rotonda (Round Cove in English) gets its name from the spherical shape of the bay. The anchorage is situated in the weastern part of Favignana Island, the largest and most important island of Egadi Archipelago, in the province of Trapani, Sicily.

Characterized by the presence of the so-called Ulysses' Arch, shaped by the ongoing eroding activity of both wind and saltiness, Cala Rotonda is one among the less popular and crowded anchorages among the bays surrounding Favignana.

When entering this anchorage, yachtsmen are required to use caution because of many submerged rocks and low sea bottoms. It is compulsory to keep a certain distance from the bay.

Enclosed between high rocky cliffs, Cala Rotonda offers an excellent shelter from winds, especially from northern ones, and therefore offers the possibility to spend a night at the anchor safely.

The place is enchanting, with a beach consisting of pebbles and sand, warm crystal-blue waters, regular seabed and infinite shades of blue. This pristine paradise is particularly loved by snorkelers and scuba divers who can admire a multitude of fish species in addition to a spectacular grotto located at a depth of about 8 metres.

It is highly recommended to dive in the Shoal of the Bull (Secca del Toro) with an experienced guide since it is dangerously subject to strong streams.

Scoglio Corrente is maybe the most beautiful places in Cala Rotonda where to dive and enjoy underwater fishing.

The cove offers no tourist or yachting services. The place is indeed remote but quite crowded in summer, especially in case of strong northern winds.