Lo Zingaro Natural Reserve 

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Stretching along the western Sicilian coast for 7km between the lovely little village of Scopello in the east to near San Vito Lo Capo in the west, halfway between Trapani ad Palermo in the western part of the Gulf of Castellammare, Lo Zingaro Natural Reserve and its surrounding areas are one of the most beautiful parts of western Sicily.

It was the first natural reserve established in Sicily and it is currently famous for the extraordinary beauty of its landscape and the great amount of bird species inhabitating it.

Cliffs drop precipitously into the azure sea , mountainsides rise steeply up to heights of 1,000m and the series of delightful pebbly beaches with transparent turquoise water are as lovely as you can find in the Mediterranean.

The park attracts both walkers and bathers alike and in the summer, when many beaches are overcrowded, it is a good idea to head for Lo Zingaro, walk for half an hour and spend the rest of the day in relative isolation on a virtually deserted beach.

The seabed is a real paradise for snorkeling enthusiasts thanks to its wonderful colours and typical fauna.

The reserve can be reached only by boat and is, of course, equipped with no services. The numerous little bays and coves offer a good shelter to boats even though they are a little difficult to be reached.

Yachtsmen are therefore required to take everything they need with them and contribute to the saveguard of the reserve