Cala Azzurra 

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Situated in the southern part of Favignana Island (Aegedian Islands, in the province of Trapani, Sicily), Cala Azzurra is a well-sheltered natural cove characterized by crystal-blue sea and low sea bottoms.

Surrounded by irregular cliffs and a very rugged coast, the bay offers visitors the feeling to stay in a tropical paradise like that of the Caribbean.

Since it is very easy to get by land and sea, Cala Azzurra is generally very crowded in summer.

Boats are allowed to dock very far from the beach because of the great amount of bathers and the low depth of sea bottoms.

Favignana is the largest island of the archipelago that, in its turn, includes three islands, two islets and some rocks for an overall surface of 37.5 km². Cala Azzurra is about 7 km away from Sicily and is located on the opposite side of Marina di Favignana, the main harbour fo the island.

In July and August, finding a place in the strecth of sea around Favignana is very hard because, in addition to yachtsmen, many sailing companies, too, reach the area for tourist tours.

The whole marine area of the Aegedian islands is part of a marine reserve that stretches over 54,000 hectars. The Marine Nature Reserve of the Aegedian Islands is the largest marine park of Europe, entirely managed and protected by Sicily's regional government.

In some areas of the marine, navigation is totally prohibited while others envisage partial protection. 9 km long and 4 km wide, Favignana can be easily circumnavigated.

The island, called La Farfalla (the butterfly) by locals because of its shape, offers several grottos and shoals that represent a real paradise for snorkelers and divers, such as those of Toro and Galeotta.