Tuerredda Bay 

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Part of the municipality of Teulada, in the province of Cagliari, in southern Sardinia, Tuerredda Bay is an anchorage located within a wonderful cove between Capo Malfatano and Capo Spartivento. It is considered to be one among the most beautiful places in Europe.

The coastline hosts a white-sand beach, about 600 metres long, considered to be one among the 10 most enchanting ones of Sardinia. The sea is so crystal-blue and transparent that boats seem to be suspended in the air.

Since the beach is always crowded with bathers, boaters are highly recommended to keep a certain distance from it.

Opposite the beach raises Tuerredda Island, where the sandy seabed quickly increases in depth up to 11 metres. The island is so close to the beach that bathers can easily swim to it.

In the anchorage, water is lower, especially in the stretch which separates the island from the coastline, where raises a semi-submerged isthmus. This zone is an ideal place to drop the anchor and stay at anchor even at night.

On Tuerredda Island, water temperature is generally warm and constant and the main wind is the north-east one. It is an ideal place where to swim, enjoy snorkeling and bathe. The beach is well-sheltered against mistral and is little far from Chia Bay and Porto Malfatano, a little hard-to-reach anchorage beacuse of low sea bottoms.

The ancorage is equally close to the Marina di Teulada, a well-equipped modern marina, and the wondeful Piscinnì Bay, sheltered from north-east and sirocco winds. The whole zone is wonderful, with white sand and pristine sea.

Of course, it is very crowded with boats and tourists in summer and, in some days, it is actually impossible to reach it because of the intense traffic of boats, ribs and kayaks.

In the surroundings, nature is wild and offers many excursion opportunities. Among the main attractions, there is the well-preserved Aragonese Tower on the Chia promontory.

Partially free, the beach of Tuerredda is equipped with many services. The only drawback of this piece of heaven is crowding. Consequently, it is highly recommended to avoid it in July and August.