Anchorage Of Porto Pollo 

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Just a few miles from Porto Palau and the La Maddalena Archipelago and bounded by the the Island of Seagulls (Isola dei Gabbiani) on the West and Punta Sardegna on the East, the anchorage of Porto Pollo is one among the most picturesque coves of northern Sardinia.

Because of its particular natural conformation, the bay is particularly exposed to many winds; however, it is well-sheltered in some points, especially in its south-eastern part. No shelter, on the contrary, is provided against northerly wind.

The anchorage offers numerous possibilities of anchorage and mooring to all those desiring to stop here with their own boat.

In the south-western side of the bay, near the beach of Angolo Azzurro, boaters can find a multi-buoy mooring terminal managed by the "Orza Minore" sailing school and reserved for boats up to 15 metres in length. The berth can host up to 51 boats simultaneously. Boaters can even take advantage of a shuttle bus service to reach the beach from the multi-buoy mooring terminal and vice versa, from 09.00 to 19.00. Furthermore, the sailing school offers launch and hauling services.

Just a little north of the multi-buoy mooring berth, in the body of water adjacent to the city centre of Porto Pollo, a private illuminated pier named Pontile Nino, under video surveillance and run by the neighbouring hotel, can host up to 18 boats simultaneously. There, the depht of seabed ranges from 80 cm to 1.50 mt in the quay. Consequently, mooring is reserved for ribs and small boats. While the area is well-sheltered from west winds and libeccio, no shelter is offered against east, north-east wind and sirocco.

Here, visitors can even rent ribs and boats.

As an alternative, boaters can drop the anchor in the south-eastern shore of the bay, east of the islet situated in the middle of the natural cove. Seabed reaches 3mt in some points and the access is highly recommended only to boats with small draft.

Another pier, owned by the local yachting club, is available on the eastern edge of the bay, near the beach of Costa Serena. It is equipped with drinkable water and electric charging columns.

The bay of Porto Pollo is a real peaceful oasis surrounded by crystal-blue sea, white sand, rich vegetation and wild rocks.

The anchorage is also well-appreciated by windsurfers and kitesurfers and anyone desiring to take a sailing course.

The area in fact hosts many yachting clubs, sailing schools and rental points to enjoy these activities, especially on the island of “Isuledda” (also known as Isola dei Gabbiani, Island of Seagulls) since it's the most exposed one to winds. Here, visitors can also find many camping sites, shops and restaurants. 

The central zone of Porto Pollo, too, offers many hotels, restaurants, bars and shops while the area around Costa Serena hosts a holiday resort, a restaurants, some coffee bars, a mini market and a wonderful beach. 

The anchorage of Porto Pollo is, of course, surrounded by many beaches: from that of Padula Piatta on the South to the beach of Piscine - larger and wilder - on the East and the Isola dei Gabbiani (Island of Seagulls).