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The Anchorage of Nora is situated in southern Sardinia, in the province of Cagliari. The bay is protected against mistral and sirocco winds and features low wonderful sea bottoms made of poseidonia meadows and rocks. The sea is the typical Sardinian one: crystal-blue and pristine, with, however, some dangerous rocks in the middle of the bay and not far from the shore.

Depth ranges from 6 up to 8 metres and this stretch of coast bonders with the Anchorage of St. Efision to North-East and the peschiera of Nora on the opposite side of the narrow isthmus hosting the famous archaeological site, overlooked by the 32-metre-high tower of St. Efisio built by the Spanish. The bay is bounded by St. Macarius' Island on the North, overlooked by a 29-metre tower which can be seen from the sea, and the islet of Coltellazzo on the South overlooked by St. Efisio's tower, built by the Spanish and 32 metres high.

The name originates from the saint celebrated and venerated in Cagliari and throughout Sardinia. In Nora, in fact, the saint was martyred on January 15th 303. The archaeological site also includes a church dedicated to the saint and dating back to 1089, preceded by a colonnade where ancient pilgrims stopped and where a traditional procession is held every year.

Nora was founded by the Phoenicians and then inhabited by the Punic people. The presence of different nuraghi are the evidence of a human presence since the Bronze Age. The town raises on a promontory named Capo di Pula, linked to the land by a isthmus that finishes with two points plunged in a wonderful sea.

The beach of Nora has a white-sand sea bottom enclosed by a high cliff; water is low for many metres and the beach is very crowded with families with children. Even when mistral blows, this stretch of coast is well-sheltered from the wind.

A part of the beach is totally free while another is managed by a cooperative which rents sun umbrellas and beds, in addition to offering pay toilets and showers. The beach is also equipped with a large car park and the anchorage is well-appreciated by diving enthusiasts because of its changing  transparent sea bottoms. On land, the most interesting area is the archaeological site, which seems to be the oldest and most popular one of Sardinia.

The area is well-preserved and well-managed. The anchorage is well-known for the popular religious procession and fireworks show that take place on August 15th every year