Cala Sabina 

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Also known as Cala Ponzesi, Cala Sabina is part of the municipality of Porto Torres and of Asinara National Park, a real protected marine reserve established in '90s to preserve the natural beauty and local fauna on Asinara Island.

Cala Sabina offers its visitors wonderful colours, a white-sand beach and a rich Mediterranean forest where it is possible enjoy relax in the hottest summer days. Wonderful lilium flowers grow on the island letting their perfumed scent flooding the whole bay.

The bay is not particularly large but clear torquoise waters make it a real piece of heaven.

Thanks to sandy low sea bottoms, the bay is an ideal destination for families with kids since children can safely play, bathe and have fun here.

As a part of a national park, the bay is consequently subject to some environmental restrictions. Anchorage and sailing under power are, for example, strictly forbidden. However, since it is considered part of the B zone and not subject to total safeguard, bathing is allowed. Neighbouring coves, like Cala Sant'Andrea and Cala d'Arena, are on the contrary part of the A zone, so totally protected.

Cala Sabina offers no yachting services. The beach is free and equipped with just a little rest stop.