Cala Reale 

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Cala Reale raises in the eastern side of Asinara Island, in the municipality of Porto Torres, in the province of Sassari. The island raises in northern Sardinia and has an extension of about 51 km².

The hinterland is mainly hilly and the high rocky coasts are about 110 km long. The island is part of the Asinara Island National Park, which includes a protected marine reserve subject to some specific bans and restrictions.

Asinara Island is constantly under the surveillance of the Forest Service and the Sardinian Environmental Vigilance Authority. In Cala Reale, in the former bacteriological laboratory of the Maritine Sanitation Station, raises the Sea Centre, where the different ecosystems of the protected marine reserve are illustrated.

The only way to enter the Asinara Island National Park and the anchorage of Cala Reale by boat is to moor at the multi-buoy mooring terminals of the anchorage, also available in Fornelli and Cala d'Oliva. The terminals can host up to 63 boats, 24 of which in the anchorage of Cala Reale.

The multi-buoy mooring terminals are managed by the Cormorano Marina society. The full regulation is available on the official website of the society and available for printing ad downloading. Sailing boats can sail everywhere while motorboats must follow a precise course to enter the terminals.

Reservation is required and the entrance is controlled by the Coast Guard. Entrance, in fact, is allowed only to authorized vessels. It is strictly forbidden to drop the anchor. Mooring costs about 3 euros/linear metre for sailboats and 4 euros/linear metres for motorboats in high season.

The shore is reachable only by rowing tender. Boaters are highly recommend to use caution when approaching the beach beacuse of some insidious rocks situated about 700 metres away from the terminals. The access way to the multi-buoy beths of Cala Reale is marked by some buoys in the western area and is about 100 metres wide.

The maximum speed allowed around Asinara Island is 3 knots and boats are required to keep a 400-metre distance from the coast. Discharge of any solid and liquid substance is strictly forbidden as well as the collection of sand, stones and anything else from the island. The island offers many tourist services, including riding and jeep excursions.