Anchorage Of La Marmorata 

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The anchorage of La Marmorata is a beautiful beach situated in Gallura, in northern Sardinia. The beach is very picturesque and famour for its green sea with breathtaking torquoise shades. Particularly deep and with white soft sand, sea bottoms are among the beautiful ones of the region.

Many yachtsmen and sailors decide to moor in the wonderful sea of the bay to enjoy diving or reach the beach. Furthermore, the coastline offers trekking enthusiasts numerous enchanting paths.

This Sardinian bay is very large and can host up to 1,500 hosts in summer. However, its best condition is with a maximum of 120 boats moored, for a maximum of 800/1000 guests between the sea and the beach.

The anchorage also offers a restaurant, a hotel and some breathtaking roof gardens from which visitors can enjoy the panorama. The hinterland village is large and deserves a visit. Moreover, the altitude variation guarantees the possibility to see a beautiful view of the whole cove.

The beach offers some bathing establishments where bathers can rent beach equipment. On the left side of the beach, a rocky complex ideally divides the cove and gives the environment a pristine appearance. Many sailing boats reach the anchorage to explore the wonderful sea bottoms around the cliff.

The anchorage of La Marmorata and its beautiful beach represent a real jewel in the territory of northern Sardinia. A great reference point in the zone, often used for tv and photo shoots, the anchorage is very popular among tourists.


Achorage of La Marmorata