Cecca Di Morto 

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The anchorage of Cecca di Morto is a wonderful place situated between Budelli, Razzoli and Santa Maria islands. It is a very popular location in Sardinia thanks to the presence of several bays and enchanting beaches characterized by crystal-blue waters and low sea bottoms.  

More specifically, the sandy seabed has always been famous for its particular pink colour and it is so beautiful that, unfortunately, many tourists often take off a portion of it as a souvenir. Of course, this bad habit has provoked a drop in the intensity of both the colour and amazing play of lights of the seabed that generated a turquoise surface on the water. The beauty and charm of the place, however, hasn't suffered from a deterioration but it has partially lost its original profile.

Of course, as part of the effort to preserve the place, the access to the beach has been forbidden. Anchorage is exclusively allowed east of Budelli Island. Boaters who decide to moor in this wonderful bay must therefore pay attention to the extremely low sea bottoms in addition to an insidious shoal located in the middle of the anchorage.

Many sailboats decide to reach the anchorage to admire the wonderful colours of the sea and the interesting play of lights generated by the sun light. The seabed is also very rich and particularly appreciated by diving enthusiasts.

The whole anchorage offers an excellent shelter from northern winds.

The anchorage of Cecca di Morto is undoubtedly a paradise in the Sardinian territory. Currently protected against the inappropriate raids of the man, it still attracts many recreational boats that decide to visit the place, its unforgettable sea and wonderdul sea bottoms.

Cecca di Morto