Poltu Quatu  

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Poltu Quatu is a port facility situated opposite Caprera and Capuccini islands, between Liscia di Vacca and Baia Sardinia. Consistently with its name, which means "hidden port", it actually extends in a natural well-sheltered fjord which guarantees absolute privacy to boats mooring there.

More specifically, the port consists of a main quay, a small dock in the middle and a group of cement jetties longitudinal to the quay. The whole area is equipped with several shops and services.

The sandy and rocky seabed guarantees the availability of 400 berths, not accessible by sailing boats. Moreover, boaters are not allowed to drop the anchor. After all, this manoeuvre would be totally unnecessary since the fjord is actually very sheltered and not subject to waves. The maximum speed allowed is 3 knots.

Poltu Quatus is highly appreciates by all boaters who choose the fjord as their holiday destination. The whole facility is indeed famous for its wide range of services, including luxury hotels, restaurants and shops in perfect Costa Smeralda style. Moreover, it is an ideal starting point to reach the beaches of Grande Papavero and Liscia di Vacca.

Poltu Quatu is therefore a wonderful fjord and the ideal destination for anyone looking for comfort, tourist services, entertainment and relax.


Poltu Quatu