Marina Di Cugnana 

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Marina di Cugnana is an anchorage in the Gulf of Cugnana, Olbia, in the historic and geographic region of Gallura, that is in north-eastern Sardinia. The gulf is situated at the foot of Cugnana,a granite 650-metre promontory.

The particular nature of this anchorage makes it the safest one in the maritime area enclosed between Gulf Aranci and Poltu Quatu. However, low seabed, especially in the southern side of the anchorage, along with a private fish farm represents a considerable obstacle for transiting boats.

The Gulf of Cugnana, which the anchorage is named after, is, in its turn, named after the granite promontory situated just behind it and that makes it a real natural well-sheltered port. It is in fact the safest anchorage in the north-eastern side of Sardinia.

Over the last few years, the district of Marina di Cugnana, in the municipality of Olbia, has been equipped with a marina built south-west of the Gulf of Cugnana. The port facility includes some floating piers and it is therefore not protected by docks specifically reserved for mooring. The seabed is mainly composed of seaweeds and mud. Anchoring and fishing are strictly forbidden in the area between Marina di Portisco and Punta Nuraghe because of the presence of an underwater electric cable.

The residential centre of Cugnana Verde, located inside the marina, offers some logistical and technical services, such as a car park, some coffee bars and restaurants along with the possibility to rent beach equipment. The beach, characterized by the presence of small and large pebbles, is not big but it is extraordinarily surrounded by crystal-blue waters and a picturesque Mediterranean vegetation which makes it not only a peaceful place but even a beautiful piece of heaven.

Marina di Cugnana can be reached by land through a road which starts from Portisco. In this case, visitors have to turn left to Porto Rotondo and then turn left again following street signs.