Le Bombarde 

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Le Bombarde is one among the most beautiful beaches of the Riviera del Corallo, Alghero, in the province of Sassari and in north-western Sardinia. Opposite the beach raises one among the most popular anchorages of the whole coastline, particularly crowded at summer weekends since it is situated just opposite two wonderful beaches: Le Bombarde and Lazzaretto.

The natural bay where the anchorage of Le Bombarde raises is protected on both its sides by some high rocky cliffs and the seabed is quite low and consequently perfect for a family bath. Just behind the beach, there are a beautiful pine forest, some nauraghi and the Spanish Lazzaretto tower, built in ancient times to protect the coasts from Saracen pirates.

Extending over some hundreds of metres, the beach is equipped with many restaurants, bars, bathing establishments and clubs. The zone is in fact very glamorous and crowded at weekends; consequently, it is not the ideal destination for tourists looking for a peaceful place. Things are not different in the anchorage, which is almost always crowded with boats in summer.

Italian and foreign visitors come here to admire the wonderful sea bottoms and bath in the crystal-blue waters of the gulf; when the wind blows, many surfers and windsurfers enjoy running in the waves while, when the sea is flat, the anchorage is perfect for snorkeling and diving.

The rocks surrounding the gulf on its left side gently slope to the town and, although those on the right side are slightly higher, the profile of Capo Caccia is perfectly visible. South of the anchorage, boaters have to use caution because of a shoal, some rocks and a seabed of just 50 cm in depth. Always south of the anchorage raises the marine reserve of Capo Caccia, marked by a series of buoys and where boats are not allowed to enter.

North of the anchorage, on the contrary, the Secca del Rosso is an insidious shoal with some rocks to which boaters have to pay particular attention by keeping a distance of at least 300 mt. The only equipped port of the zone is located in Fertilia, some miles north of Secca del Rosso. Situated at the mouth of a river, it offers two yachting clubs and a small marina.

The anchorage of Le Bombarde provides with a good shelter from mistral thanks to the Doglia mountain. On the contrary, it is exposed to libeccio even in winter.