Guidi Beach 

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Guidi Beach is a wonderful place situated in Sardinia, in the municipality of Carloforte, in the province of Carbonia-Iglesias.

Despite its limited extension and small size, the beach is well-known for its incomparable beauty and colours which make it one among the most beautiful beaches of the region. Boaters who decide to reach this amazing place, which deserves the highest tourist attention, will certainly include it among the best places of Sardinia.

The landscape offered by the beach is worthy of the most beautiful tropical covers. Extra subtle white sand is the ideal counterpart of the dark rocks framing this stretch of coast.

Crystal-blue clear water is well-suited to the particular seabed of the zone. Rich of posidonia meadows and sandy areas, it offers a wide range of colours and wonders to discover. The area is particularly appreciated by fishermen and scuba divers who can enjoy amazing underwater excursions.

Quite small, the beach doesn't offer many services. There is, in fact, just one kiosk-bar, open only in summer. From its roof garden, visitors can enjoy a breath-taking view of the whole coastline and of the site. Of course, while tasting excellent slushes prepared with fresh citrus fruits cultivated in St. Peter's Island.

The seabed offers a good holding ground to the numerous leisure boats coming here. Of course, boats can't approach to the beach during the day. But, it is possible to stay at anchor at night.

Guidi Beach is a perfect anchorage for anyone looking for a pristine wonderful place with a lot of natural attractions and few entertaining distractions.