La Colba 

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La Colba is a beach situated in northern Sardinia, along the coastline of Santa Reparata and near many hotels and tourist facilities. The whole area feautures a particular territorial structure.

The whole area which extends from Rena Majori to Capo Testa is indeed characterized by a group of rocky coasts punctuated by coves and beautiful beaches.

La Colba is a wonderful beach famous for its very clear and soft sand. With a small size, the bay is literally plunged into a very wide natural background. The sea is crystal-blue with a rather deep sea bottom.

Very crowded especially in summer, the beach is able, however, to guarantee a good mooring to recreational boats that choose it as their holidjay destination, also thanks a wide range of services, including coffee bars, restaurants, stores and hotels.

However, the sea bed is not stable and boaters are required to pay particular attention in this respect.

The beach is exposed to the risk of insidious waves and strong winds.

La Colba is certainly one among the most beautiful beaches in northern Sardinia. Famous for its charming scenario and beautiful colours, it offers good bathing opportunities and many tourist attractions.


La Colba