Capo Sperone 

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The anchorage of Capo Sperone raises on the Island of St. Antiochus in south-western Sardinia. It is bounded by the namesake Sperone promontory on the West and the Gulf of Palmas on the East. The bay is well-sheltered by northern winds but, in case of south winds, it is practically impossible to stay here. In summer, in case of sirocco, sailing in the area of Capo Sperone becomes very difficult because mistral wind is always very strong.

Coasts in this part of Sardinia are varied and jagged, sand and rocks are alternated with some marshy areas. In the Gulf of Capo Sperone, seabed is a mixture of sand and rocks and the average depth is about 3 metres; in summer, many boats reach the anchorage and the coastline becomes very crowded because of a very attractive white-sand beach.

The beach offers a holiday village, some coffee bars and shops in addition to a wonderful sea where it is a pleasure to bath on windless days. Sea bottoms quickly reach considerable depth, very interesting for scuba diving enthusiasts.

Capo Sperone is a cliff situated at the southernmost edge of the Island of St. Antochus. In the whole area, sea is pristine and, thanks to the wild vegetation, it features changing wonderful colours. The plant which dominates the whole coastline is the pink peony, which is also the name of a neighbouring village.

The Island of St. Antochus is linked to Sardinia by an artificial 3-kilometre-long isthmus and hosts two villages: Calasetta on the North and St. Antochus on the South. The island has a surface of 109 square kilometres and, in summer, it is well-organized and equipped to receive tourists. The island, in fact, offers many equipped beaches, night clubs, discotheques and a marina. The Municipality of St. Antochus has developed on the slopes of a mountain from which visitors can enjoy a breath-taking panorama and visit the remains of the ancient Phoenician and Roman settlements.

The island hosts many archaeological sites. More specifically, in the village of St. Antochus, there is a Punic necropolis and some Paleochristian catacombs. In addition to the popular beach of Capo Sperone, St. Antochus offers many other beautiful beaches, such as Turri, situated just a few miles east of the anchorage. This beach is easily accessible from the village of Maladroxia and is made of pebbles and stones which gently slope to a crystal-blue pristine sea.