Multi-buoy Mooring Berth Of Tharros 

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The multi-buoy mooring berth of Tharros is situated near the famous archaeological site in the municipality of Cabras, in the province of Oristano. The zone is particularly picturesque since both the natural bay and ancient ruins overlooking the site give the whole coastline a timeless charm.

Easily accessible by land, the area is particularly appreciated by yachtsmen sailing from Torre Grande or the famous Torre Vecchia Bay. The ruins of the territory of Tharros even continue underseas.

Consequently, in order to preserve the heritage of findings dating to the Punic Age, a specific multi-buoy mooring terminal has been created for all those who decide to stay at anchor near the popular site. The berth can host up to 100 boats simultaneously.

Since the coast is quite far from the multi-buoy mooring terminal, the area is perfect for those who prefer to stay at anchor rather than visit the village and its archaeological site. As an alternative, boaters can dock in the port of Torre Grande and then reach the site by car.

The whole area is characterized by a considerable presence of benthic biocenosis which represents an extremely important environmental aspect to preserve.

Often included in the tourist itineraries of Costa Verde, Tharros has been often closed to both sailing and mooring, especially after some serious accidents and collisions occurred in the multi-buoy mooring terminal caused by no experienced helmsmen and captains. Enthusiasts, in fact, recommend to dock at the comfortable port of Torre Grande if you come from St. Peter's Island and want to reach Tharros at the end of a long-range navigation.

The multi-buoy mooring berth of Tharros is as famous as the site which it belongs to. A piece of history and tradition available to anyone desiring to discover it. It is not suited to entertaining or bathing activities.