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Situated south of Cagliari, the anchorage of Calamosca represents a good alternative where to moor when neighbouring ports are always full, as it often happens in summer. The closest marinas are Marina del Sole, on the West, and the small Marina Piccola, on the East and near the popular beach of Poetto.

The anchorage of Calamosca is well-sheltered from the winds of the forth and first quadrant. Sea bottoms are sandy and about 3 metres deep, in the area out of the bathing zone. The good depth of the bay and the easy access to the sea make the anchorage a very appreciated destination among scuba divers and windsurfing enthusiasts, to whom yachstmen are required to pay attention when entering the bay.

The anchorage also offers a restaurant, a good ice cream parlor and a night club.

The anchorage is easily accessible by tender. The white-sand beach of Calamosca is surrounded by high cliffs and equipped with a parking, some bathing establishments and restaurants.

Consequently, the beach is very crowded in summer, especially in August.

As an alternative, visitors can choose to stay at one of the neighbouring coves of this wonderful stretch of coast.

A picturesque path on St. Elia's hill, also known as the "devil's saddle", leads to some ancient buidlings overlooking the bay and the city. From the Tower of Calamosca and its lighthouse, situated at the top of the promontory, the path leads to the remains of  Sant'Ignazio Fortress, a 18th-century military building.