Cala Sisine - Baunei bay 

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The anchorage of Cala Susine Bay is generally considered as the small pearl of the Orosei Gulf because of the wonderful high cliffs of Serra Ovra which gently slope to the sea from a height of over 500 metres. The whole bay is covered with Mediterranean forest and surrounded by two rocky walls which, in their turn, make the place similar to a mountain rich of centuries-old carob tree and holm oaks.

The seabed is composed by white sand and large smooth pebbles. The bay is an ideal destination for scuba divers and anyone wishing to explore the local flora and fish fauna. The bay is situated north of Arbatax, not far from Capo Monte Santo, halfway between Cala Luna and Cala Biriola. It can be reached from the sea by private boats or local ferries leaving from the marinas of Cala Gonone and S. Maria Navarrese in just 30 minutes.

As an alternative, visitors can get it through one of the well-signaled trekking paths. A wonderful play of lights given by the sun reflecting on the sea makes the turkey colour of waters extraordinarily shimmering. The anchorage is consequently an ideal destination for anyone wishing to dive, even equipped with just a diver's mask and a snorkel, in its waters rich of fish.

Despite the large amount of tourists landing on the beach of a protected marine reserve, the nature of the anchorage offers a breath-taking green landscape.

More specifically, the beach is about 200 metres wide and represents the mouth of a small winter stream that locals call Codula and that comes from Golgo mountains. Fortunately, the beach, composed of gravel, is not a crowded one, or better, it is less crowded than the others situated along the same coastline.

Unfortunately, however, the beach has lost much of its original splendour over the time because of the increase in both large and small pebbles. Consequently, it is highly recommended to use appropriate shoes to have a walk here. Cala Sisine offers just one bar situated a few mt before the beach where visitors can have lunch and use toilets.

The best seasons when to visit the bay are spring and autumn, when sun creates the above-mentioned wonderful play of lights on seabed