Cala Puntetta (puntetta Bay) 

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Cala Puntetta is situated in north-eastern Sardinia, in the province of Sassari and along the so-called Riviera del Corallo in Alghero. The anchorage is exclusively accessible by sea and is sheltered by a high cliff covered with Mediterranean forest on the East. Cala Puntetta is also sheltered by the promontory of Capo Caccia, on the top of which (186 m) there is a lighthouse which can be seen from a distance of 34 miles.

From the top of the promontory, visitors can admire the whole gulf of Alghero and the island of Foradada, a limestone cliff pierced in the middle by a rock. The grotto can be visited from the western side of the island of Foradada and is a destination generally crowded with numerous ferries carrying tourists to the well-known grottos of Neptune.

Cala Puntetta is well-sheltered from mistral by Piana Island, just a few miles away from the anchorage and part of a marine reserve. On Piana Island, a small private marina offers berths, water and electric charging columns for boats up to 20 metres in length. The marina raises on the south-eastern side of the island;  sheltered from all winds from the fourth quadrant, it is even equipped with a 20-ton crane.

Sea bottoms in Cala Puntetta are quite deep and largely rocky. The small beach inside is composed of smooth pebbles, sand and rocks. The area offers neither services nor parking lots also because it is very difficult to reach the beach by land and the entire coastline is part of the protected marine reserve of Capo Caccia- Piana Island, subject to several bans.

The sea bed is rich of grottos which can be visited on the condition to be well-equipped and respect a series of rules aimed to preserve the natural reserve. Snorkeling enthusiasts and scuba divers love visiting these underwater grottos at any time.

Opposite Piana Island, between Cala Puntetta and Cala Barca, sea bottoms are rich of ocean poseidonia meadows, limestone rocks and sandy stretches where boaters can drop the anchor safely. 

The best areas where to dive are the northern and the south-western side of the bay, where many grottos can be easily visited. The area is very crowded with recreational boaters who love bathing inside grottos or staying at anchor even at night when wind is not too strong (thanks to the shelter offered by Piana Island).