Cala Portese 

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Cala Portese is an anchorage situated south of Caprera Island, in the wonderful frame of northern Sardinia and in La Maddalena Archipelago, in the province of Olbia Tempio. This specific stretch of coast is also known as the "beach of the two seas".

The name derives from the particular shape of the cove which consists of two different beaches on the left and the right side. The two faces of the coastal surface are distinct and frame a small beach and a smaller one the visitor can choose according to his personal tastes. More specifically, Cala Portese is the largest beach and is characterized by white soft sand which gives the background a wonderful panorama.

Of course, the sandy seabed affects the beauty of the sea by creating an enchanting play of colours. The whole cove is calm and gently caressed by the mistral wind.

The boaters who decide to sail in this strecth of northern Sardinia can find different places where to moor (the docking capacity reaches 150 berths). However, Cala Portese offers no services to yachtsmen but tourists love it precisely for its wild pristine beauty.

Only the beach offers the possibility to rent sun umbrellas, beds and chaises longues, in addition to a small parking and a bus stop.

The zone is often chosen as a destination for guided itineraries of photo shoots by the most important tourist bodies of the region. Despite this characteristic, the anchorage is also an ideal destination for all sailors looking for a place where to spend their holidays halfway between the sea and the mainland.

Cala Portese is a pearl of Sardinia, able to offer medium-sized and large sailboats excellent stops in a flat sea and wonderful beaches. The anchorage is easily accessible thans to its wide surface. However, boaters are recommended to use caution, especially in summer when the anchorage is highly crowded with tourists and sailboats.