Cala Liberotto 

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The anchorage of Cala Liberotto is one among the most beautiful and picturesque ones in the Gulf of Orosei thanks to its beautiful white-sand beaches and low seabed. The surrounding territory after which it is named is a district of the municipality of Orosei, about 11 km away from the municipal centre.

This anchoring post starts a little north of Sas Linnas Siccas where many white-sand beaches and some rocky promontories create a wonderful pink-granite coastline. Before these promontories, the beach offers bathers hundreds metres of sand even though the coast is quite tight.

The promontory divides this stretch of coast into two different beaches: Cala Liberotto and Cala Ginepro, offering this way both tourists and boaters one of the most beautiful places to explore. The area is in fact accessible only by foot through narrow paths or, as an alternative, from the beach and through cliffs.

The seabed in the cove is composed of clear sand and rocks. Just behind the bay, the pond of Sos Alinos offers a rich vegetation of reeds and agaves along with a large pine forest where visitors can have lunch at about 4-5 degrees less than in the beach.

The environment surrounding the beach offers prickly pears and palmettos. Particularly exposed to the wind, the bay is even very appreciated by surfers, diving fishermen and anyone wishing to dive in these crystal-blue waters.

The waters of the sea feature in fact a wonderful turkey colour and the low seabed makes the bay a place suitable for families with children.

Over the last few years, many poseidonia seaweeds have been spotted and the Forest Service doesn't allow to take them since, in late summer, they are released to the sea. The area is also well-known for its nightlife.

The whole zone is a seaside resort surrounded by Mediterranean forests along the coastline and equipped with many tourist and commercial services, such as beach equipment rental services, swimming pools, sports centres, hotels and restaurants.

Furthermore, the anchorage is accessible to users with disabilities and it is equipped with a small car park, a hotel, a camping centre, a coffee bar and a rest stop.

The anchorage of Cala Liberotto is well-known for its tranquillity. The place seems to be still stuck in the '60s when the inhabitants of Orosei, Oliena and Nuoro started to consider it as a vacation destination.