Cala Giunco  

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The beach of Cala Giunco is considered to be one among the most picturesque and largest ones in the territory of Villasimius. Situated about 125 km away from Cagliari, in southern Sardinia, this beautiful territory is also known as the "beach of the two seas" thanks to the fact that the cove is enclosed between the sea and the salty basin of Notteri.

Often compared to the other beaches of Villasimius,  the cove is among the largest and most popular ones of the region in terms of tourist and bathing attraction.

The particular geographical comformation gives the territory two considerable profiles. First of all, of course, that of a wonderful cove characterized by crystal-blue sea and sandy sea bottoms in summer; and that of a wonderful shelter for flamingos in winter.

White and extremely soft, sand perfectly merge with the blue waters of the sea. These scenarios inevitably attract photographers and advertisign company in addition to many tourists.

The place is indeed perfect for those looking for a relaxing holiday in a beautiful well-equipped location. Accessible from disabled peoples, the beach is equipped with a large car park, some night clubs, several rest stops where to have snacks and fresh drinks in addition to beach equipment and boat rental.

The neighbouring promontory overlooked by and ancient tower shelters the anchorage while offering wonderful views of the whole bay.

Of course, boaters are recommended to use caution when approaching to the beach. Because of low sea bottoms, in fact, bathing activities are very active there. However, many sailing boats visit the place and the beach is also very popular among windsurfers and divers.

The beach of Cala Giunco