La Maddalena Archipelago - Cala Garibaldi - Caprera Island 

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Sardinian anchorages for recreational boats

Charaterized by golden sand and clear crystal-blue waters, the beach of Cala Garibaldi (once used by the namesake Italian captain as a private port for his sailboats) is situated along the western coastline of Caprera Island and opposite Giardinelli Island and the three Italian Islets.

The beach is equipped with many tourist services, including a hotel and a restaurant.

It is a very popular destination among windsurf and diving enthusiasts.


Quay / Pier of Cala Garibaldi

The cove is a well-sheltered natural bay only subject to northern winds. Safe enough, the anchorage offers a small port with a pier for temporary boarding/disembarkation operations. Boats can moor south-east of the southern islet.