Cala Francese 

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Cala Francese is a picturesque anchorage situated west of La Maddalena Island, in Sardinia. Characterized by a wonderful rocky coastline, the area is famous thanks to its breath-taking landscapes and sunsets, with unforgettable view on Spargi.

Boaters who decide to moor in this anchorage must pay particular attention since the zone is, first of all, devoid of lighthing and signal lights; furthermore, the bay is rich of insidious rocks and offers very low sea bottoms (about 3.5 m deep) , not suitable for large boats.

However, small sailboats and recreational boats can benefit from an old military dock which can host up to 3-4 boats simultaneously. In case of mistral, sailing the area can become dangerous.

The whole area is highly charming but poor in services. Remarkable is the mine which was closed after World War II, where visitors can still admire cranes, rails and old carriages. Despite its beauty, the anchorage is not a popular tourist destination beacuse of its dangerous sea bottoms, absolutely not ideal for bathing activities.


Cala Francese