Cala Domestica  

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The anchorage of Cala Domestica raises on the south-western coast of Sardinia, in the municipality of Burreggu, in the province of Carbonia-Iglesias. On the coast, there are two beaches linked together by a passage perched in the rock. The place is so beautiful that many advertising spots have been shot here.

The beach is situated about 2 km away from the town of Burreggu and is characterized by a very low seabed that makes it a perfect place for families with children. The beach is soft and compact and extends over many kilometres inside the natural bay surrounded by a rich Mediterranean forest.

The sea features a wonderful colour halfway between blue, turkey and cobalt blue and, except for the several metres where water is really low, the seabed then reaches a considerable depth inside the anchorage. On both sides of Cala Domestica, boaters must use caution because of the presence of some high cliffs and rocks near the coast.

The area offers one among the most beautiful sea of Sardinia and it is very crowded with scuba divers who can explore the wonderful sea bottoms. The two beaches are linked together by a passage perched in the rock which was excavated by miners in the last century. Even though of different size, both beaches offer white and golden sand along with high cliffs and a wonderful Mediterranean forest.

On the left of the bay, the top of a promontory hosts a Spanish watchtower which dates back to the 17th century. In addition to the grotto excavated by miners, visitors can admire the remains of some warehouses used by miners until the last century. Cala Domestica was, in fact, an important docking bay for ships carrying the minerals extracted in the area.

The beach is rather popular and crowded and offers many rest stops, coffee bars, restaurants and car parks. There are even an area reserved for caravans, some camping sites and hotels. The beach is easily accessible and therefore very crowded in summer.

However, it is highly recommended to avoid this place in case of strong mistral since waves could make manoeuvres very difficult inside the anchorage.

The anchorage of Cala Domestica is well-sheltered by east winds.