La Maddalena Archipelago - Pink Beach (cala Di Roto)- Budelli Island 

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The Pink Beach on Budelli Island is a real masterpiece of nature and the symbol of the La Maddalena Archipelago National Park.

Recently taken over by the Italian State and totally uninhabited, Budelli Island features a wild pristine charm and rich enchanting landscapes.

The Pink Beach is situated in Cala di Roto, on the south-eastern part of Budelli Island, a few hundred yards south of Santa Maria and Razzoli islands and just a little more than one mile north of Spargi Island. Recreational boats are required to maintain a distance of at least 300 metres from the shore. In summer, between the Pink Beach and Cala del Cavaliere (situated a little east of it), some multi-buoy mooring terminals are arranged. Yachtsmen are provided with no additional services.

The beach owes its typical color to microscopic fragments of corals and shells such as Miniacina miniacea, a protozoa living in posidonia meadows, a plant generally present in Mediterranean sea bottoms.

Famous since the '60s, when the Italian film director Michelangelo Antonioni immortalized it in his movie "Red Desert", the beach has been literally ransacked for years by tourists and bathers who took away the sand as a souvenir of the island.

Today, the beach is protected by strong safeguard restrictions not allowing the access to the beach and the stretch of water in front of it. According to the regulation of La Maddalena National Park, professional and recreational fishing, diving, bathing in the sector between the beach and the yellow buoys located about 70 km away from it, boat transit and access are not allowed. Authorised vessels and recreational boats are allowed to follow parallel courses without exceeding 3 knots.

As part of the effort to preserve the beach and its landscape, collection of sand, shells and minerals is stricly forbidden.

However, yachtsmen can drop the anchor in the neighbouring Cavaliere Beach which offers a good shelter from all winds, except for east ones. The Pink Beach is reachable by foot through a wooden gangway that allows to walk above the beach without stepping on it. The path that leads from Cavaliere Beach to Cala di Roto is plunged into a rich Mediterranean forest and offers breathtaking views of both Budelli and Spargi islands. On the beach, in a small wooden house, lives Mauro, the guardian of the island and its only inhabitant for 25 years. A visit to Mauro is not to be missed if you want to listen to his stories and vision about the future of the island.

Budelli Island is part of La Maddalena Archipelago National Park and visitors are therefore required to ask for special authorizations to enjoy their recreational activities, including the stop in the anchorage. Permissions can be required on the website of the park or at the offices of the body, on La Maddalena Island or in Palau. Please visit the website of the Park (, for further information about permissions and regulation.