La Maddalena Archipelago - Cala Ferrigno - Spargi Island 

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Also known as Cala Canniccio, Cala Ferrigno  is situated in the north-western side of Spargi Island and is part of La Maddalena archipelago, in the province of Olbia Tempio, in northern Sardinia.

Accessible only by boat, Cala Ferrigno raises opposite an amber-sand beach equipped with a pier where ribs and boats can easily moor along with tourist boats coming from the Sardinian port of Palau.

The seabed of Cala Ferrigno is low and rocky, with some insidious rocks appearing on the surface. Boaters must use caution since rocks are even off the shore.

The water is crystal blue and the irregular seabed attracts many diving and snorkeling enthusiasts. The beach is enclosed by high red rocks surrounded by a generous Mediterranean forest in a feast of colors which range from the red of cliffs to the blue and torquoise of the sea.

Cala Ferrigno is an ideal starting point to sail off to the western coast of La Maddalena archipelago, especially in good wind and sea conditions. Boats cannot miss a visit to Cala d'Inferno, Spargi Island and Cala Corsara.

The scenarios proposed by a boat tour from Cala Ferrigno are of surpassing wild beauty and the water is among the clearest in the world. The cove is well-sheltered from winds and streams and, in comparison with other Sardinian ones, is not excessively crowded. The period when it is crowded the most is certainly summer, also because of the great amount of tourist ferries transiting in the archipelago.

Part of La Maddalena Archipelago National Park, Spargi Island has a surface of about 4.20 km², where coasts reach a length of 11 km, the soil is rocky and the highest top reaches 153 metres.

Many protected bird species live on the island also thanks to a rich vegetation and numerous water sources. In the sea bottoms surrounding the island, many wrecks of Roman ships have been found and exhibited at La Maddalena National Museum.

The island was also used during the first and the second world war to build military forts, still visible on the northern side of the island. Spargi is a wild piece of heaven, where civil building is strictly forbidden.