Punta Pizzo Gallipoli 

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The bay of Punta Rizzo is one among the anchorages situated along the Ionian Coast halfway between Gallipoli and Marina di Mancaversa. It offers a pristine landscape thanks to its location inside St. Andrew's Natural Reserve, founded in 2006 and extending over almost 700 hectares of the total 20 kilometres of the Ionian Gallipoli Coast.

The low rocky coast is interspersed with sandy coves and surrounded by wonderful crystal-blue waters. This particular crystal colour is a consequence of the rocky coast whose bottoms are not covered with sand.

The low cliff is surrounded by a rich pine forest which includes all the typical vegetal species of the Mediterranean forest and Aleppo pine trees. The whole area, in fact, is part of the Punta Rizzo Park. Visitors can also enjoy the sweet smell of cane apple tree, myrtle, orchids, calendolas and daisies.

Because of its strategic location and prosperous nature, the whole zone has always attracted any kind of visitors and, indeed, the area hosts an ancient Bourbon military district originally built to defend coasts against enemy attacks.

The namesake beach (about 2 km long) hosts some small coves, discotheques, restaurants and many other services and facilities. Beaches have preserved their original appearance very well and they offer the opportunity to relax and enjoy both nature and sea. The latter is really wonderful thanks to its crystal water, especially near the rocky coast, where it reaches an extraordinary clearness.

Like all the Gallipoli Coast, Punta Rizzo, too, is one among the most popular and appreciated destinations of Salento thanks to its breath-taking landscape and the wild charm offered by the numerous natural pine forests, rich of tree essences, such as rosemary, thyme, brooms and lentiscus.

However, this bay offers something more to tourists: its location within the park, the smell of the surrounding vegetation, green areas and wonderful landscape really offer a sense of well-being. Moreover, the wonderful sea, the small wild beach, the unique coast make you feel like you're in the Maldives.

Considered as one among the symbolic sites of the Apulian, Mediterranean and European identity by an international scientific community, this anchorage is at risk because of an excessive tourist-property speculation.