Cala Matano 

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The anchorage of Cala Matano is situated on San Domino Island, in the archipelago of Tremiti Islands. San Domino Island is the largest island of Puglia, together with the above-mentioned archipelago.

The entire coast of the island is rich of coves and grottos which can be explored by boat. Among them, sailing clockwise from the port of San Domino, there's Cala Matano, also known as Cala Duchessa ( Duchess' Bay), named after Duchess Matano, the wife of the commentator Elia, the governor of the archipelago. The sandy sea bottom of this anchorage makes waters crystal-blue and transparent.

The wonderful wild cove is surrounded by a rich vegetation and some smooth limestone rocks. Visitors can easily reach it through a narrow charming path. The sea that bathes the cove is extraordinarily turkey, crystal-blue and transparent, ideal to have a swim or a bath. It's a wild land, where seagulls are the masters. There's also a wonderful small beach equipped with beach umbrellas and sun beds.

Probably thanks to all these features, the cove was recognized by Legambiente as one among the most beautiful Italian beaches in 2013.

So, it's a wonderful and well-equipped cove which includes a wide zone with smooth rocks, overlooked by a pine forest running to the sea which provides some shelter from the sun in the hottest hours of the day.

It's easy to see why Lucio Dalla, a famous Italian singer, loved this island and its sea which inspired many of his wonderful songs and the album "Luna Matana" (Matana Moon).

The island also became his house and, looking at the plate located opposite his home's gate which says "Domenico Sputo  Pilot of World War II", visitors can easily feel a strong emotion made of notes, pictures and memories.

A night stroll to the beach of this cove will certainly make your holiday unforgettable. At night, in fact, the moon makes water glow with silver shades and the whole Cala Matano glows with a clear surreal glare and becomes one among the most romantic spots offered by this wonderful archipelago.