Orte Bay 

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One among the most beautiful bays of Salento, Orte Bay is situated two miles south of the port of Otranto and it represents an inevitable stop for sea lovers.

The bay is wide, bordered to the North by Punta Fauci and, to the South, by Capo d'Otranto, the extreme western edge of the Italian peninsula. Two conspicuos buildings overlook the bay: the lighthouse of Palascia, built on Capo d'Otranto, and the Serpe Tower, one among the most ancient watching towers standing out against the Puglia Coast. Orte Bay is a natural port, a not deep cove exposed to winds blowing from the 2nd and 3rd quadrant but well-sheltered from northern ones. Sea bottoms are generally low, except for the area near a cliff, particularly appreciated by scuba divers, where they reach over 20 m. Sea bottom is mainly sandy; some rocks raise near the coast.

The bay offers very long beach, or better, a series of sandy and rocky beaches. They are not equipped, except for a diving centre and a small rest stop. Just behind the beach, a wide pine forest offers shade and a wonderful view on the particular contrast between sea colours and the red local ground. In summer, the bay is very crowded, especially in its central zone, while beaches and coves closer to the lighthouse of Palascia are quieter.

A stop in Oste Bay allows visitors to enjoy many activities, both at sea and aground. The rich sea bottom and the presence of many underwater grottos represent an excellent attraction for enthusiats of diving and snorkeling. Visitors can also enjoy a short walk to the lake which has formed in the seat of a former bauxite mine, fallen into disuse in the '70s. The presence of bauxite makes the lake water glow with intense green creating a wonderful constrast with the red colour of both land and walls. Not far from the lake raises an ancient fortified manor farm, built on a grotto accessible by land.

Orte Bay is a short distance off Otranto (about 4 km). You can reach Otranto by bus. There, you can find any kind of yachting and tourist services, such as supermarkets, shops, restaurants, rental stations and so on.