Calalunga Bay 

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Calaluga Bay is renowned for being one among the most charming bays of the Gargano Coast. It is, in fact, situated on the edge of the Gargano promontory, known as promontory of Calalaunga, near Peschici and just 16 km far from Vieste.

At the bottom of Gargano, the coast is rich of grottos, coves and sandy beaches. In particular, in the stretch of coast going to Vieste, a series of hidden coves and bays suddenly appears in the rocky Gargano coast, such as the bay of St.  Nicholas, Bay of Manaccora, Bay of Turkish, Zaiana Bay and Calalunga Bay.

The latter is bounded by some promontories running to the sea and it is sheltered by the picturesque Gargano National Park. This part of the promontory is, in fact, surrounded by a large green pine forest which covers the surrounding mountains and karstic valleys. The pine forest descends down the promontory to the sea, exclusively interrupted by some houses and rocks.

The bay can also be reached by car through the wonderful coast road which links Peschici to Vieste.

The bay is bounded by some regular-sized cliffs covered with woods and it hosts a wonderful 300-metre-long sandy beach.

The coastline is very wide, surrounded by woods and bathed by a wonderful turkey crystal sea, with low sea bottoms. The beach is consequently small and quiet and offers a unique perspective to admire an interesting rock formation as well as the Casalunga watching tower overlooking the bay.

Thanks to its low sea bottoms, the beach allows its visitors to enjoy bathing safely and peacefully. Moreover, the beach is equipped with a bar, a restaurant, some showers and toilets.

The large shore and the transparent water of this anchorage make it particularly suited for children and all those who prefer avoiding deep waters.

Calalunga Bay is a real paradise where to relax, far from deafening music and parties, surrounded by a wonderful sea and picturesque posts